Painless Dentistry
We are able to make sure our patients are comfortably sedated to allow for absolutely painless dental procedures.
Qualified Doctors
With our experienced and qualified providers, rest assured our patients will be in great hands.
Affordable Price
Our goal is to provide expert in-office anesthesia services at reasonable prices for our patients.

Our Dental Anesthesia Services

We provide a wide range of dental services.

Pediatric Anesthesia

Sometimes a child may not be able to be treated while awake or under conscious sedation, whether due to their young age, fear, anxiety, or extensive amount of treatment. For these patients the child’s dentist may recommend the option of general anesthesia. Children require extra special care whenever they receive dental treatment, and placing them under anesthesia is no exception.

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Adult Anesthesia

The reasons for wanting to sleep through a dental procedure are as varied as there are patients. Whether there is an extensive surgical procedure being done where local anesthesia alone will not be adequate to assure the patient’s comfort or a patient is just too anxious to receive any treatment at all there can be an anesthetic plan tailored to fit.

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